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Issue Ninety-Three

6th January 2021

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HELLO, good evening and welcome to Octopus's Garden, the subzeen with its very own Railway Rivals game start. It is a subzeen to Douglas Kent's Eternal Sunshine. It's produced by Peter Sullivan peter@burdonvale.co.uk. It's also available on the web at: http://www.burdonvale.co.uk/octopus/.

Round 0 (RR ???? B) Railway Rivals Map "B" (Lon&Lpl)

"Garrett Hobart"

JGL [John Galt Line] black (Start: Liverpool)
John David Galt
AYUP (???) yellow (Start: Hull)
Mark Firth
HJA (Henry John and Associates) red (Start: London)
Hank Alme
BASH [Bradford and Sheffield Steel Highway] sky-blue (Start: Bristol)
Bob Blanchett

Rolls for Round One: 7, 4, 7. Orders to me, Peter Sullivan, at peter@burdonvale.co.uk by WEDNESDAY, 10th FEBRUARY 2021.

Games in Octopus's Garden are named after Vice Presidents of the United States, in order. Garrett Hobart was Vice-President to William McKinley, from 4th March 1897 until his death on 21st November 1899. As this was before the 25th Amendment made any provision for vacancies in the Vice Presidency, the Vice Presidency remained vacant until the office was filled at the next election by a chappie you may have heard of called Teddy Roosevelt...

I was planning to do a nice, long editorial about various aspects of U.S. politics. But, events continue to move so fast, that anything I might say stands an almost-certain chance of being over-taken by events. So all I'll say for the moment is Stay Safe, Everyone, and see you next month...

That was Octopus's Garden #93, Startling Press production number 389.

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