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Issue Seven - September 1995

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Signs of the Times, Pt. 95

(spotted on the way back from Manorcon) The Brides shop in the Birmingham Pallasaides shopping centre has a "No Pushchairs Please" sign on the front door...

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

R.R. Number :  RR 1297 IN       Gamestart :  CMag 128   Date : May 1993  
Zeen : C'est Magnifique/TAP     Round 1 : CMag 130      Date : July 1993 
Name : "ELBRIDGE GERRY"         Round 12 :  TAP 161     Date : July 1995 
Game : R.R. Map India (IN)      Report : TAP 164        Date : Sep 1995 
g.m. : Peter Sullivan 
Railways Are Just Putting Up Tracks (RAJPUT) [yellow] : Robin ap Cynan, UK (to Round 5) ; Michael Quist, USA (from Round 6) (4th) ;

Beastly, Antiquated, Damnably Inefficient Steamers Belie Acceptable Dividends In Stock (BADIS BADIS) [orange] : Conrad von Metzke, USA (won) ;

Delhi And Vishakhapatnum Express (DAVE) [black] : Dave Erridge, UK (2nd) ;

All India Railways (AIR) [brown] : Martyn Hathaway, UK (3rd) ;

Stand Aside, Here Is Brosius! (SAHIB) [red] : Eric Brosius, USA (5th).

 	Start       1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12 
	-----      --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  -- 
RAJPUT  Bombay     20  26  26  50  50  50  84 112 144 188 231 236  
BADIS   Calcutta   23  38  51  63  66  66  90 140 149 235 283 323 
DAVE    Vishakha.  37  43  63  74  81  75 109 120 176 212 248 313  
AIR     Calcutta   23  38  45  50  40  57  81  97 138 161 212 238 
SAHIB   Madras      9  21  -3   4   5   0   8  76 124 137 152 216 

BADIS BADIS (Conrad von Metzke) :

This will be awfully close! I'll be interested to see if Dave and Martyn did a joint run in Race 37. If so, and if Martyn wins Race 39 -- and/or if Michael runs race 42 from M72 despite the payments -- then Dave wins. This, of course, makes no allowance for the possibility that Eric's track at C63 will be blown up by the Assamese Liberation Front, or that Manorcon will be declared insolvent and Peter will "borrow" from us to pay for his debts... I am not a betting man. However, I will bet fifty cents (postage on this letter) that Dave takes it. But I hope he doesn't...

Regardless -- gee, it's been fun. Thanks to all -- especially Peter, who did his usual fine work, and I really hope he decides someday to run some more games, 'cos I'd love to play!

SAHIB (Eric Brosius) :

While I realised my line was not an outstanding one, I am surprised at how poorly I did. I wasn't expecting to lose by 50 or so. The problem with a Madras start is that one's line north is blocked by the starter in Vishakhapatnam. Of course, one can build up the west side of the peninsula instead of the east side, but I don't believe that approach has a chance to win. I probably annoyed Dave, even though I was paying him substantial amounts in parallels, but I thought I needed that line to Calcutta, especially when both Calcutta starters went north-west. If one of them had built straight to Raipur, things may have been different (but the other would have had a big advantage.)

This is a good map, but it's tricky to get the start right so everyone has an even chance. I'm interested to see how my rivals saw the game.

g.m. (Peter Sullivan) :

I'd agree with Eric that the balance of start towns in this one is tricky -- Calcutta is obviously the premium start, and I'm not sure whether starting two players there is enough to balance this out. An interesting alternative would be to ape the wonderful France map, and start everyone at Delhi. However, the Northern strategy is even less attractive here than it is on the France map, and I can foresee some hideous clashes in the Nagpur and Jabalpur valleys as everyone heads South.

Forelithe I 3019 (93?? ts??) Downfall XIII


DWARVES/GOOD (Mike Gonslaves)
2A(SRh)-ELi, Dain(DGu)-Bro, A(DGu) stands, 2A(Bro) stands, A(Bre) S A(FEr), A(FEr) S A(Bre), A(Fra)-NMi, A(Blu)-Fld, A(Iro)-EWa.
ELVES/GOOD (Donald Scarr)
A(Gla)-Lor, A(And) stands, A(CDm) stands, F(GWA)-SOU, 2A(Iml)-Rhu A(Gun) stands, A(Shi) stand, A(Dun)-Ise, A(Lor)-Fan, F(GHa)-GUL.
Aragorn/Dead(Anf)-Dru, Gandalf(. . . . . .)-. . . . . . -. . . . . . .
GONDOR/GOOD (Chris Q. Hardy)
A(Osg)-SIt M F(SIt) stands = F/A(SIt), Faramir/A(Lam)-Los M A(Pel)-Los = Fa/2A(Los), R(. . . . . . )-. . . . . ., 2A/C(MTi)-Osg ; D & C(Osg)-MMo = C(MMo), 2A(Osg).
2A(NIt), A(SGo), Lord of the Nazgul/3A(Hrd), A(Kha), A(Hdw), 2A(Udu), A(Nur), Nazgul(. . . . . . ), Sauron(Oro) all stand unordered.
ROHAN/GOOD (Pete Gaughan)
C(Dag) S A(DMa), _A(CAn)-NIt_, A(DMa) S A(CAn)-NIt, A(Nin)-Emy, Theoden/A(Ano)-Ent.
SARUMAN/GOOD (Lance Anderson)
NMR! A(Hol), A(NiE), A(Min), _A(Dru)*_ stand unordered.
C(Nrd), 2F(ETH) stand unordered.



The deadline for Forelithe II 3019 orders, retreats and adjustments is FRIDAY, 13th OCTOBER, 1995, to Peter Sullivan. E-mail : peter@manorcon.demon.co.uk


ROHAN TO SARUMAN : Sorry we were to see your fortress overthrown, but let hope not pass from you! The Shadow may have moved north but we will pursue it wither it goeth!


will be at the usual venue -- the Royal Angus Hotel, Birmingham -- over the weekend of Friday 10th November to Sunday 12th November 1995. This features the normal events, including the "headline act" of the British National Diplomacy Championships, the Quiz, Pop Quiz, United Tournament and Hobby Services Discussion. More details available from Chris Tringham 100343.362@compuserve.com ; bookings should go to Brian Williams.

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