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Issue Six - July 1995

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The local "Everything's 1" shop is currently having a "Monster 50p Sale"...

Today (Tuesday, 25th July) was originally intended to be my "sleep recovery" day after Manorcon, but in actual fact (apart from a mammoth session the night before the convention to get the name-badges done) my sleep pattern during the convention turned out to be fairly, well, conventional. So I get a chance to finish off the games instead. The Individual Diplomacy Tournament was won by previous winner Jim Mills, who came from nowhere with an outright win in the last round to take the title. The Team Tournament was won by "The Also-Rans," a collection of some of the best British players captained by Toby Harris. The Railway Rivals tournament, being run by myself as David Watts was not present, was won by Kevin McGowan, the editor of the R.R. zeen Revolution.

Manorcon XIV is now scheduled for Friday 20th to Monday 23rd July 1996, same place, same bat channel. Although I wouldn't expect anyone to come over from the United States just for the convention, if you are contemplating a summer break next year seeing the sights of the Old Country, this is a good way of getting your gaming fix in-between the Changing of the Guard and the Loch Ness Monster. Just ask Jim-Bob...

Released at Manorcon was the latest issue of Mission from God, which is the British version of the Zeen Register. This has definitely been given a new lease of life by new editor Kim Head, who is an enthusiastic breath of fresh air compared to the old management (i.e. me). Kim's got 18 people to send in reviews, many of whom are new faces, and the resultant 38-page issue is available via the ISE from Kim Head for 1 + postage (total of 2.01 to North America, 1.58 to Europe).

Round 12 (RR 1297 IN) International R.R. India


ERRATA : DAVE's builds were deducted off BADIS's score last time. B/fwd scores duly adjusted.
36) (12-65) Delhi -- Madurai :
DAVE 15-1-1-8 ; SAHIB 15+8+1 ; AIR 0+1.
37) (24-@4) Pune -- Assam :
DAVE 20-1-7+5 ; AIR 10-3-5+1 ; SAHIB +7 ; BADIS +3.
38) (32-54) Jabalpur -- Vijayawada :
DAVE 20-4 ; SAHIB 10+4.
39) (45-34) Jamshedpur -- Kanpur :
BADIS 20 ; AIR 10.
40) (52-44) Vishakhapatnam -- Calcutta :
DAVE 20-3+6 ; SAHIB 10-6 ; AIR +3.
41) (66-21) Trivandrum -- Ahmadabad :
SAHIB 20-5 ; RAJPUT +5.
42) (@5-15) Bangladesh -- Bareilly :
BADIS 20-3 ; AIR 10-4+3 ; DAVE +4.
Scores :                              b/fwd  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  total 
                                      -----  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  ----- 
RAJPUT  [yellow] Michael Quist          231                       5       236 
BADIS   [orange] Conrad von Metzke      283       3      20           17  323
DAVE    [black] Dave Erridge            248   5  17  16      23        4  313
AIR     [brown] Martyn Hathaway         212   1   3      10   3        9  238
SAHIB   [red] Eric Brosius              152  24   7  14       4  15       216  
                                       ----- --  --  --  --  --  --  --  ----- 
                                       1,126 30  30  30  30  30  20  30  1326 


NMR! from Michael. Congratulations to Conrad, and commiserations to Dave, who took or tied the lead twice in the last round. Thanks also to all of you for playing. The deadline for final game-end statements (a much more civilised practice, in my humble opinion, than requiring them with Round 12 orders) is FRIDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER, 1995, to Peter Sullivan. E-mail : peter@manorcon. demon.co.uk. Statements already sent will be used if not superseded.

Thrimidge II 3019 (93?? ts??) Downfall XIII


DWARVES/GOOD (Mike Gonslaves)
2A(SRh) stands, Dain/3A(DGu) D : Dain(DGu) stand unordered ; A(DGu) stand ; 2A(DGu)-Bro, A(Bre) S A(Fcl)-FEr, A(Fcl)-FEr, A/ELVISH A(Fra) D : A(Fra) S ELVISH A(Fra)-Gun.
ELVES/GOOD (Donald Scarr) :
A(BMa)-Gla, A(And) stands, A(CDm) S A(Fra)-Gun, _F(GWA)-Tha_, 2A(Iml) stands, A/DWARVISH A(Fra) D : A(Fra)-Gun, A(Shi) stands, A(Gap)-Dun.
GANDALF/GOOD (Iain Bowen) :
Fe(. . . . . . )-. . . . . . , Aragorn/Dead(MVa)-Anf, Gandalf(. . . . . .)-. . . . . . -. . . . . . . , _A(FEr)*-Shi_.
GONDOR/GOOD (Chris Q. Hardy) :
F(SIt) S A(MTi)-Osg, C(Los)-MTi, A(MTi)-Osg, Faramir/A(Lam) stands, R(. . . . . . )-. . . . . .
MORDOR/EVIL (Michael Quist = Despair) :
NMR2! 2A(NIt), _A(Osg)*_, A(SGo), Lord of the Nazgul/3A(Hrd), A(Kha), A(Hdw), 2A(Udu), A(Nur), Nazgul(. . . . . . )-. . . . . . -. . . . . . , Sauron(Oro), _A(Gun)*_ all stand unordered.
ROHAN/GOOD (Pete Gaughan) :
C(Bro)-Dag, A(CAn) S A(DMa), A(DMa) S A(CAn), A(Dag)-Nin, A(Ano) S A(CAn), Theoden(Eas)-Ano.
SARUMAN/GOOD (Lance Anderson) :
Saruman(. . . . . . )-. . . . . . , _A(Cdl)-Tha_, A(Rhu)-Hol, A(Hol)-NiE, A(Tyr)-Min, A(Anf)-Dru.
C(Nrd), 2F(ETH) stand unordered.


Thrimidge III 3019 Adjustments :

DWARVES Iro, Ere, Blu, Fld, -FEr, Esg, RRu, -Shi, +FEr +Srh +DGu +Bre = 10
Builds A(Blu), A(Iro)
ELVES EKH, Lor, Iml, GHa, Hdn, Crk, And, CDm, Eot, +Gun +Shi +Dun = 12
Builds A(Lor), F(GHa), A(Iml)
Removes A(FEr)
GONDOR MTi, Pel, +1, DAm, +Sit +Osg +Lam = 7
Builds 2A(MTi), A(Pel)
MORDOR Bar, Udu, MMo, -DGu, -Gun, Nur, +6, -Osg, -Bre, -SIt, SGo, Kha, Hrd.= 13
two short.
ROHAN DHa, Eas, HDe, Wol, EEm, -SRh, Ano.= 6
one short, no build ordered
SARUMAN Ise, KDm, Hol, -Tha, Dru. = 4
g.m. removes A(Cdl)
UMBAR Cit, Hav, +1, Lam.= 3
no change
NEUTRAL -Dun, +Tha = 1
- - -


Note the Change of Address for Chris, as above, as he returns to God's Own Country for the summer. The deadline for Forelithe I 3019 orders and retreats is FRIDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER, 1995, to Peter Sullivan. E-mail : peter@manorcon.demon.co.uk


SHARKY to ELVIS : You have earned my emnity. Prepare to observe how I extract my revenge.

ROHAN to SARUMAN : What the hell did that mean?

ROHAN to GANDALF : The Elves and Dwarves (esp. the Dwarves) have apparently decided to win this thing all by themselves. Do whatever you wish to prevent this.

ROHAN to GM : Sorry I'm in a foul mood. Some games are just no fun solitaire.

SOMEWHERE NEAR DUNLAND : "What am I doing here, anyway?" came the plaintive cry from behind a grassy knoll. One tall figure strode across the horizon and stood, surveying the landscape with an impassive look. "Well, I did ask if you wanted to help me look for a ring," replied the visible figure, instantly recognisable as that flamboyantly-dressed Yorkshireman, "Gaudy" Amos Igitur.

A smaller, plumper figure, Benny Vivamus, struggled up the side of the hill, his "I Can't Even Think Straight" T-shirt riding up in the straps of the large rucksack on his back. "Yes, but I thought you meant nipple rings," replied Benny. "What do I know about Rings of Power, anyway?"

"Not a lot, I agree. But you were the only one available. Teznik the Smartarse hasn't been seen in Zeenland for many moons, and as for the Cee-Mage, he keeps on muttering about g.m. impartiality and refusing to help. I think the Boob-rog has been a bad influence on him."

"I'm hungry. How much longer 'till we get to the Last Friendly Pizza-Hut this side of the Misty Mountains?"

"Soon, soon," replied Amos. He intended to drop off Benny as soon as they got to Tharbad that evening. Amos himself would take his evening meal at Le Mithrilside, where chef Pierre Marco Nimloth's cooking was as famous as his manners were notorious througought Eriador. However, he was also beginning to be worried. They'd been on the move all day, and had yet to meet a single plot device.

As if on cue, a small, grey hand reached out of the undergrowth, and wrapped itself around Amos's ankle. In one swift movement, Amos had lifted the scrawny, ginger-bearded creature up, and its legs were left dangling in the air, trying uselessly to kick Amos's shins.

"Good afternoon," said Amos. "And who might you be?"

"Pleassse, don't hurts usss, no, with cold nasssty steel," creid the wretched creature.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that," replied Amos, smirking. "I was thinking more of the Eisenbach Neustadt C.D. myself."

The creature seemed to shrink into even more abject grovelling. "No, please don't hurtsss usss, no, don't hurt poor Amt5man, no..."

"Amt5man? Isn't that the user name of the one they call Crazy Markie?" interjected Benny.

"Benny, despite your prediliction for being chained up with the horses whenever we reach town, and your pechant for dubious cider, you do seem to be possesed with a remarkable brain -- for a classicist, at least. I do believe you are right. I wonder what he's doing here?"

"Cee-mage! We hatesss him for ever!" cried the creature, suddenly showing some spirit. "He ssstole it from usss!"

"Stole what?" said Benny. "You don't mean...?" A sharp glance (*1) from Amos silenced him.

"Ssstole from usss exclusssive rightsss to be outssside g.m. in The Abbyssinian Prince, he did, yesss. We hatesss him for ever, yesss! Even the very ghodssss are againssst usss!"

"Benny," said Amos. "I do believe that this creature could be useful to us in our quest. At the very least, he appears to have an irrational hatred for the Cee-mage. Plus, his frame, scrawny though it is, will help when you grow too tired to carry the Rucksack of Reebok."

"That wouldn't be a problem if only you would ever take your turn," replied Benny.

"I've told you, leather straps don't suit me," replied Amos. "More in your line, I would have thought. Anyway, shall we take this creature with us or not?"

"Might as well," replied Benny. "As long as I don't have to share my 14-incher with him tonight."

"I shouldn't think so," replied Amos. "The poor thing might like a slice of your pizza, however."

(*1) Or "Maeglin," as it is written in the Sindarian.

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