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Special 5th Anniversary Issue

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HELLO, good evening and welcome to issue 43 of Octopus's Garden, the subzeen with its very own Special 5th Anniversary Issue logo. An html version of this subzeen is available on the Web at http://www.manorcon.demon.co.uk/octopus/index.html. It's also sent to the TAP mailing list, which you can join automatically by sending the message 'subscribe tap' to majordomo@diplom.org. The message 'unsubscribe tap' sent to the same address will get you off the mailing list.

Round 5-- "William Rufus de Vane King" -- RR 1701 TT

Railway Rivals Map TT (Leapfrog)

GOOCH, brown: Conrad von Metzke
5a) (L15) - L14 - Hexham [+6] - I13 - G14 ; 5b) (G14) - E15 ; 5c) (G14) - D12 ; (K71) - K72 - Stockton =50+6+2[T]+1[B]=59
BLUES, blue: Berry Renken
5a) (K55) - Whitley Bay; (J55) - K56 [-1 T] ; (G58) - Gateshead; (I71) - I72 [-1 G] ; (K54) *LEAP Pink* (K52) [-1 P] - I51. 5b) (I51) - I50 - Morpeth ; 5c) (Morpeth) - G49; (B68) - C69 - Darlington [+6]. =45+6-1[T]-1[G]-1[P]=48
TURN, green: Rip Gooch
5a) (N15) - Hexham [-2 G] ; (A61) - B61 [-3 P] ; 5b) (B61) - D62 [-6 P] ; 5c) (D62) - E63 [-3 P] - E64 - Durham *LEAP Pink* (G66) - G68. =88-12[P]-2[G]+2[P]+1[B]=77
PEAT, pink: Richard Weiss.
5a) (F63) - N20 [-1 T] ; 5b) (N20) - L19 ; 5c) (L46)- L43 [-1 T]. =47-2[T]+12[T]+1[B]=58

Rolls for Round Six : 6, 5, 4. Could you all let me have Round Six orders by FRIDAY, 26th NOVEMBER, 1999 to Peter Sullivan, octopus@manorcon.demon.co.uk


GOOCH: For whatever reason I am not inspired to any drivel. Much more fun to watch Richard G. make excuses for why he isn't going to win this game, and to blame it on me and/or Richard W. when in fact it is Berry who shall trounce us all....

GENEVA: Not inspired? In this, the Special 5th Anniversary Issue ?

TURN - GENEVA: I'm writing my endgame statement as I go along. It's much easier this way. Why did I not think of it before?! Laziness? Probably.

TURN - All: Not as bad as I'd expected. I have the lead for now. How deceptive the score is at the moment. The blind panic to grab the remaining available points in the NE has boosted my score. How long before I am overtaken? This Round might see the balance being redressed. Two companies have scope for lots more points whilst PEAT and TURN languish with the prospect of finding productive links.

TURN - PEAT: Re Round 4, like I said, nothing personal. I wonder if you'll take the opportunity to regain those points? I can see at least two places where I could be paying you back with interest.

GENEVA: "Be careful what you wish for, in case it comes true..."

Peat-TURN: You may have all the points SW of Newcastle you can grab. Methinks you went SouthEast, or Northwest, but what is a little directional confusion for such an accomplished track laying engineer as yourself. Nothing personal, but I prefer laying my girlfriend.

PEAT-Connie: As a native Vermonter, I must take umbrage at your remarks - for the State, of course. Plus, I've been in two of the locations you mention very recently i.e., Bennington and White River Junction. They are indeed "cities," although they may not be metropolitan areas in your sense of urban. Vergennes Vermont is commonly reported to be the least populated city in the USA, and a place in N.C. is the geographically smallest. "City" in the US is a form of governance and I believe includes "incorporation." Thus, a legal term, totally disconnected from one's "common sense" opinion as to population, urban provisions, street lights, street walkers, or other things such as San Diego might have.

MIKE B to CONRAD vM:  "31 cities" meant, I suppose, where I attended conventions or housecons in US Census places such as cities, villages, and in some states towns.  Municipalities.  The exact count depends on how tight a hex-grid you overlay; for example, I can count three suburbs of Chicago where I attended housecons, all within ten or fifteen miles of one another.  The largest population center in which I played Dip was the New York City area, the smallest was a rural hex near Newfane, upriver from Brattleboro, Vermont.  Estimated population in a square mile centered at the con site:  Twenty.  (Compared to thousands in Queens.)

MIKE B to CvM & PS:  States:  Gamecons in RI, MA, VT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, NC, IN, IL, MI, WI, KS makes 14 where I've placed a token, plus Ontario province.  Also drove through CT, DE, OH, MO, NE, IA, MN, ND, SD, MT, WY, ID, UT, NM.  Also rode in parents' car in ME, NH, SC, TN, GA, FL, (DC).  I've played Titan and other games (Iron Dragon was the only choochoo game) in Montana and Wyoming including bear-area sites with zero human residents and maybe zero to ten human visitors besides us in that square mile.  But those didn't constitute conventions, so MT and WY don't make the list I had in mind.

MIKE B to RIP G:  "Uncle Connie" doesn't need MY help to generate bizarre orders. He manages that all by himself.  Among bizarre-order devotees, his work was legendary long before I entered the hobby twenty years ago.

GENEVA: This is true. Who could forget the Yorkshire Pudding opening - F(Lon)-Yor, F(Edi)-Yor, A(Lpl)-Yor. Well, it certainly makes sure no-one else is going to get into Yorkshire. Of course, he's not the only player in this game with a pechant for peculiar openings, as a glance at the author's name shown in the North American Variant Bank catalog(ue) under the entry "Diplomacy Central" (a.k.a. The Albanian Variant) would reveal...

Round 4-- "John C. Breckinridge" -- RR 1702 TK

Railway Rivals Map TK

BOURBON, violet : Mike Barno
4a) (Nashville)-L15 [-1 R] -K15. 4b) (K15)-K13. 4c) (K13)-K12. =38-1[R]=37
BLUES, blue : Berry Renken
4a) (S39) - T38 - T37 - Hazard [+6] ; 4b) (Hazard) - W36 [-5 C] ; 4c) (G19) - Columbia - I18 [-1 T] ; (W36) - X35 [-3 C]. =32+6-8[C]-1[T]=29
REDNECK, red : Neil Hopkins
4a) (I17) -H17 - Columbia ; (H10) - Jackson [+6] - H8 ; 4b) (H8) - F7 ; 4c) (F7) - E7 - E5. =51+6+1[Bo]+1[T]=59
CUDZU, green : Richard Weiss
4a) (A84) - V36 ; 4b) (V36) - Hazard ; (D83) - Maysville [+6] ; 4c) (H80) - Cincinnati [+6]. =38+12+8[Bl]=58
TSR, orange, Andrew Glynn
4a) (M22) - M21 - K20 [-1 Bo] [-1 Bo] - K19 - J18 ; 4b) (J18) - I 18 - I 17 [-1 R] ; 4c) (I 17) - I 14.

Rolls for Round Five : 6, 2, 6. The deadline for Round Five orders is FRIDAY, 26th NOVEMBER, 1999 to Peter Sullivan, octopus@manorcon.demon.co.uk


CUDZU - MB: I wish I were one with the weed, rather than the weed, in this game and life. I was surprised at your quick acceptance of my postulates and impressed with the acuity of your perception. I agree with you totally as to self-accountability and free-choice. As a pure existentialist, I wouldn't want it any other way. Do you have any insight into the "post-conscious epoch" I am entering?

BOURBON to BLUES:  The only reason I would go anywhere near Bristol (anywhere on this map, actually) is the high-banked half-mile racetrack Bristol Motor Speedway.  NASCAR runs their top two series there, and they're intense, don't-blink races.  [A set of three homonyms in one sentence, without even trying!]

CUDZU-Map: My likely travels with Charlie for the consulting company are ending. However, in the past 3 weeks, I've wacked off nearly every city on this map, the NC map, the Carolinas map, much of the New England map and visited enough of Connie's wine country map locations to still be chugging.

MIKE to PETER:  Boy, I am certainly honored and cheered to be a part of this Special 5th Anniversary Issue !

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