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HELLO, good evening and welcome to issue 18 of Octopus's Garden, the subzeen with its very own in-joke. An html version of this subzeen is available on the Web at http://www.manorcon.demon.co.uk/octopus/index.html

Round 0 (RR ???? FR)


Railway Rivals (France)

Company Name [colour] (Pitt Crandlemire, MA)
Start : Paris ; Score = 20
Company Name [colour] (W. Andrew York, TX)
Start : Paris ; Score = 20
Company Name [colour] (Conrad von Metzke, CA)
Start : Paris ; Score = 20
Company Name [colour] (John Colledge, Scotland)
Start : Paris ; Score = 20
Company Name [colour] (Robin ap Cynan, UK)
Start : Paris ; Score = 20

As all the players start in Paris, there's no need to have a seperate set-up round ; just send your preferences for company names and colour with Round One orders (I already have them from Conrad and John). Rolls for Round One : 5, 4, 6. Orders for Round One by 23:59:59 Greenwich Mean Time on FRIDAY, 7th NOVEMBER, 1997, to Peter Sullivan. E-mail : octopus@manorcon.demon.co.uk PGP key available for the paranoid. Please can players read the Octopus's Garden postal rules if they haven't already done so.

Oh, and before anybody asks, there are no restrictions on exit hexes. If you want to build out of Paris six times with your first six points you may do so. There's no point in a postal game as everyone moves simultaneously anyway. Not that there's a lot of point (except for pure silliness value) in face-to-face play.

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