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HELLO, good evening and welcome to issue 17 of Octopus's Garden, the subzeen with its very own spelling mistake. An html version of this subzeen is available on the Web.

I have had a couple of complaints about the last issue. The first was a request to drop the html formatting from the version sent to the mailing list. The original plan was to send the subzeen to the mailing list as a MIME mail, so that people with MIME mailers and a Web browser (whether it be Netscrape, Microserf Internet Exploder, or even X-Lynx) would just have to click on the mail message to have it pop up as a web page. However, I goofed ; hopefully this will work properly this time.

People without MIME mailers can save the mail as a temporary file and view this like any other local file in their browser. The theory is that the only people who will actually have to read the "raw source" are those without a web browser. I do hand-write the html in order to give me more control over how the "raw source" appears, but I can't deny that html formatting is more intrusive that the TeX that Jim-Bob uses.

Anyway, I am willing to send a purer ASCII version to the mailing list if people want, but I must admit I do regard the html version as the "master." (I use it even for the print file I send Jim-Bob.) One option, once Jim has set up two versions of the TAP mailing list, is to send an ASCII ("low format") version to the TeX version mailing list, and an html ("high format") version to the Adobe Acrobat version mailing list.

The second complaint is that the octopus logo is ugly. I am unable to gainsay this statement in any way, shape or form, but all the other bits of clip art of octopi (the correct, if somewhat pretentious plural, I believe) I have are even more ugly. Actually, my sister did at one stage have an octopus cuddly toy that might pass muster. If I remember right, there is somewhere a photo of her in fancy dress as Little Miss Muffet, complete with Oggi the Octopus pretending to be a spider. I shall have to raid the family photo album and find a scanner.


Railway Rivals (Map FR - France) : Pitt Crandlemire, W. Andrew York, Conrad von Metzke, John Colledge. (one wanted).

I did have another name at one stage, but no response since then. So I guess we still need just one more name. First to apply (include your snail mail address so I can send you a map) secures - there's no gamefee.

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