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Issue Twelve - August 1996

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Garret Schenk writes:

No REAL surprise to see a Confederate flag on a WV plated-car......the "philosophy" that inspired the CSA is certainly hardly restricted to the 13 states that once flew the Bonnie Blue Flag, nor, I imagine, to the presently existing 50 states. One is reminded of the white-on-black-or-Asian violence that breaks out from time in Britain -- indeed, didn't the "Skinhead" movement largely start "over there"?

One is ALSO reminded of the now defunct (I believe?) American zine REBEL, put out by one Melinda Holley hailing from West Virginia, and proud of it, who was nothing if not vociferous in her "appreciation" of the Southern so-called "cause" of the 1860s.....

((Actually, I would have said that if you were going to identify the Skinhead movement with one of the sides in the War Between the States, it would have to be the North. The South, after all, was trying to constuct a society where white and black could live together, albeit in a way that many people then -- and most people now -- would regard as wholly unacceptable. Public opinion in the North, however, was more inclined to the view that black and white could never live together -- hence the creation of Liberia in the 1820s (??? my reference books are all in store) as a potential home for "returning" former slaves to Africa. This is not a million miles distant from "Wogs Out" and the other moronic slogans of the Far Right in Britain.))

((To return to the original context, I have since discovered that West Virginia is the name of a popular British Country and Western band. (I hasten to add that I gleaned this information whilst switching frquencies on the radio, not from any detailed research.) Since the Southern states are the traditional home of C&W, I suppose this makes some sort of sense. After all, there's many a bar south of the Mason-Dixon line which boasts that its jukebox has "All kinds of music -- Country and Western!"))

Wedmath II 3019 (93?? ts??) Downfall XIII


A(DGu) stands, _Dain & 2A(SRh)*stands_, _2A(Shi)*-GHa_, A(FEr) stand unordered, [[_A(Nen) S 2A(Shi)-GHa_]] (no such unit), A(Ere) stands, _A(NRh)-RRu_.
ELVES/GOOD (Donald Scarr, SCOTLAND.) :
A(Cel) S A(And), A(OFR) S A(Esg)-RRu, A(Bre) S A(SFo)-Shi, A(Tha)-Dun, A(Wea) S A(Bre), A(NiE) stands unordered, [[_A(Dun)-Ise M A(Ise)_]] (no such unit), A(SFo)-Shi, A(Ise) stands, F(GUL) stand unordered, 2A(GHa) S A(SFo)-Shi, 2A(Esg) D : A(Esg)-RRu, _A(Esg)-Ere_, A(And) S A(Cel).
GANDALF/GOOD (Iain Bowen, Great Britain.):
[[_Aragorn/Dead(Dun)-Ise_]] [no such unit], Aragorn(Dun) stand unordered, Gandalf(. . . . . .) - . . . . . .
GONDOR/GOOD (Chris Q. Hardy, Great Britain.) :
A(Hav) stands, Faramir/A/2F(SOU) D : F(SOU)-WES ; Faramir/A/F(SOU)-GWA : Faramir/A(GWA) Disembark Tha, 2A(NIt)-DMa, 2A(CAn) S 2A(NIt)-DMa, R(. . . . . . ) - . . . . . ., A(Oro) stands, A/C(ELi) S ROHAN Theoden/A(Dag)-SRh.
MORDOR/EVIL (Despair) :
Lord of the Nazgul/A(Hrd), A(Kha), A(Hdw), Nazgul(. . . . . . ) all stand unordered.
A(Udu) stand unordered, Theoden/A(Dag)-SRh, _A(Wol) S C(Fan)-Cel_ (no such order), _A(Gap) S Aragorn/Dead(Dun)-Ise_ (no such order), A(Nin) M EMy, A(EEm) M EMy = 2A(EMy), C(WEm) stand unordered, [[_C(Fan)-Cel-And_]] (no such unit).


Wedmath III 3019 Adjustments

DWARVES : Iro, Ere, Blu, Esg, FEr, DGu, -Bre, -Shi.
= 5 +A(Blu)
ELVES : EKH, Lor, Iml, GHa, Hdn, Crk, And, CDm, Eot, Gun, Hol, Ise, -Tha, Fld, +Shi +Bre +Esg +RRu +Dun
= 18 +A(Lor), F(GHa), A(Iml), A(EKH).
GANDALF : Dru, -Dun.
=1 one short, no room
GONDOR : MTi, Pel, +1, DAm, SIt, Osg, Lam, SGo, MMo, Nur, Cit, +Hav +Tha
=13 +F(Cit), A(Lam).
MORDOR : Bar, -Udu, Kha, Hrd.
=3 no change
ROHAN : DHa, Eas, HDe, Wol, EEm, Ano, -RRu, SRh, +Udu
= 8 +C(HDe)
= 1 no build ordered!
UMBAR : -Hav.
= 0 eliminated
= 0
= 49


Note that the Dead ceased to serve Aragorn at the end of Wedmath I. GONDOR's fleet build in City of the Corsairs is as per special rule 6(g). The deadline for Halmath I 3019 orders and retreats is FRIDAY, 20th SEPTEMBER, 1996, to Peter Sullivan, E-mail : octopus@manorcon.demon.co.uk


Q : Why does nobody ever go near Sauron's former HQ anymore?

A : Because it's an 'orrid ruin

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